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    23 de abril de 2020
    Our Victorian police force must be hurting so much today. On top of becoming overnight public health guardians during an unplanned, unwanted, and rotten crisis they are having to deal with an enormous loss of their own through what seems like thoroughly odious circumstances. Unfathomable that...
    30 de marzo de 2020
    The insults and abuse being thrown at politicians (Lab/Lib/Nat) across social media is hideous. So many people bitching & nitpicking over verbal missteps or mistakes. Yes the messaging has been inconsistent - it's policy on the run & blunders are inevitable. And yes we are hopelessly unprepared...
    18 de marzo de 2020
    Big problems often beget other big problems. If you are faced with having to use TP alternatives, please think about our plumbers, consider what this means to them (and to your pocket) and do the right thing #rga #plumber #dotherightthing
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