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    We provide placements across a range of industries and within these sectors, we support our clients with entry-level talent right through to executive and general management engagements.


    Our chosen markets give us the unique opportunity to cross-pollinate our networks and we can support agency-side or client-side candidate pools across property, finance, marketing and administration classifications.


  • about us

    Recruitment Group Australia Pty Ltd is a full-service recruitment agency established in Melbourne Australia in 2006. Our twin objectives are to nurture productive, ethical working relationships with our clients, and provide respectful and timely support to our candidates.


    In an industry not renowned for customer service, reliability and at times, value for money, we aim to build and maintain effective relationships with all our service users by maintaining integrity and honesty in all we do. Through an affordable fee structure and a never give in attitude, we are focused on genuine, optimum outcomes for everyone.


    There is no substitute for effective communication! Help us to help you.


    If you are dealing with a recruiter, do your best to maintain communication and be professional at all times.


    If you have been shortlisted for a role:

    • cooperate & collaborate with your consultant
    • reply to emails
    • return phone calls
    • prepare for interviews, and
    • be a proactive candidate who is reliable, on time and on message

    Scroll through our 7 communication tips and FAQs below


    Respect each other!

    The recruitment industry is fast-paced, competitive, and at times, challenging for many jobseekers. For some candidates, finding a new job is exciting - they look forward to whatever doors may open to them in their pursuit of their next career role. For others though, sourcing their next role may be a tough, and at times, very deflating experience. For many jobseekers, it may be an activity that has been thrust upon them due to circumstances beyond their control, and it can be a very difficult and frustrating process to secure a new job. No matter what brings you to your job search, giving and receiving respect is paramount to a positive experience.


    We get it.

    We know that the communication processes between some agencies and their candidates can be very transactional and impersonal. We also know this can affect how jobseekers might engage with the recruitment process overall. Our aim is to communicate as effectively as we can with our candidates because we respect and appreciate the time they take to apply to our open roles or reach out to us as part of our valued network. It takes two to make a relationship work though, so it's important that you know how we will communicate with you, and what our expectations are in return


    We contact all candidates, not just our shortlisted applicants. There are a few exceptions that we list here.

    We will generally follow up within 1- 4 days (depending on our workload) to advise on the status of your application or how long we expect our shortlisting to take.


    Here are the exceptions where we may not respond to your application:

    • Candidates that apply repeatedly for the same position
    • Applications that aren’t in any way relevant to the position
    • Applications from outside of Australia that bear little to no relevance to the role will most likely not receive a response from our team
    • Candidates who have submitted multiple applications on similar roles where we have previously responded


    Our first point of call is usually via email.

    As soon as you submit your application you will receive an auto-email from our end confirming that we have received your application and to thank you for your time. Also contained in this auto email is a link for candidates who may be new to our network, to complete our online Candidate Support Form. This form is similar to our Candidate Registration Form and it allows you to enter your career, industry, location and salary preferences. We encourage all candidates to proactively complete this form online because it can give valuable context to your application and gives you the opportunity to chat directly to our team about what you are looking for.


    If you feel we haven't responded to your application within 1-4 days, please check your emails, including your junk folder, first to ensure we haven't already reached out to you. Often emails from an unknown sender will land in your junk folder, particularly for candidates with Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook 365 email accounts.


    Or - you may have entered a typo on your email address or contact number, or you have forgotten to attach your resume - this happens a lot and will obviously hinder the process right from the start.


    If we feel you might be relevant for the role you have applied for, we will contact you with minimal delay!

    Communication is key to all recruitment stages, including post-application, shortlisting, interviews and offer processes. If we feel you are relevant for the role you have applied for, we will contact you with minimal delay. If you haven't already done so, we will contact you and ask that you complete our Candidate Support Form so we can finalise your application and get our shortlisting process underway. It is important that you give us as much info as you can about what you are looking for next. Many of the questions will only allow for yes or no, or have pre-filled multi-choice answers but there is plenty of space on the form where you can add your own free hand comments to add variable or nuanced info.


    It's very important we are able to reach you in a timely manner. Candidates that don't have voicemail (or have 10-second voice to text voicemail) are difficult to contact. We know you are busy and we respect your time but we highly recommend you have voicemail activated on your mobile. Why risk making it harder for people to reach you in a timely manner. We encourage candidates to return our calls or emails within a reasonable time-frame. If not, we will need to move on with other relevant candidates who engage effectively with us. By not returning calls or emails, you are sending us a message about your reliability and your communication style.


    The short answer is, generally no.

    We deal with hundreds of applications every week. We aim to keep timely turnaround times in place, and this commitment brings with it a high volume of applicant tracking and processing. Many non-shortlisted candidates ask us for reasons why they have not progressed further however we are unable to provide individual feedback. There are many reasons for this and we are not trying to be unhelpful. Unless we have met with you in person, we cannot judge your individual situation and we do not feel in a position to provide relevant feedback. Although well-intentioned, comments can sometimes appear impersonal or judgmental and therefore we feel this is not constructive to your query.


    It could be!

    Your resume is usually your first and only chance at creating a great first impression. It's important that you have a professional document that clearly and accurately provides information on your qualifications, skillsets and career history.


    Many candidates are frustrated by constantly uploading online applications and/or dealing with multiple recruiters or potential employers.


    We know it can be a never-ending circle of applications and rejections. Worse still, many recruiters and employers don't even bother acknowledging your application. If this is happening to you, there must be a reason. And finding the reason usually means changing something at your end to ensure you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success. You could consider changing your resume style and format to give your application process a bit of a reset.

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