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Interesting how there are so many articles and posts promoting mental health awareness, identifying tools to prevent burn out, and advocating self-managed and leadership-driven strategies to stop us falling into a hole at work but when the PM takes some deserved downtime, here we go with the criticism and media debridement and reminders of his ill-timed bushfire holiday. The sheer audacity of him to spend some time with his family, support his local team and mix with the community. But Daniel Andrews should consider doing the same. He looks worn out and exhausted by his overwhelming workload. At the best of times his natural posture and snappy tone don’t give an impression of positive energy or open communication but he will be under the pump now like never before and he should be encouraged to step back from the mic for a day. He has ferocious criticism coming his way, and rightly so, but we should all know by now that every leader of state will be under enormous stress and if we want them to think clearly, do their job and hang on to their own health and mental wellbeing, then let them gracefully take a day off here and there

#rga #mentalhealthawareness #leadership #thesmartjobseeker

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