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PM Scott Morrison

It’s hard to stuff up a disaster. Most leaders gain a higher, improved public profile but this won’t be Scott Morrison. Although a good financial & management tactician, he’s on a steep maybe humiliating learning curve. Using family as a human shield to defend poor holiday timing is weak, & ignoring personal space is cringy. But he’s not stupid & will be ruing recent missteps. Which is what we all do when our performance is found wanting. No one’s perfect. Most people haven’t run a company let alone a country. We all make & survive our mistakes, just not publicly or with so much discord or abuse. But he’s the PM & needs to do better. Suck it up & improve –quickly. It’s difficult to be everything to everyone. But if you ply your employment trade in public & lose the fickle media, your flaws are on display & your problems will snowball via agenda-driven saturation. And for everyone canonising Jacinda Ardern or lamenting a similar authority in control here, maybe check how she’s actually performing in NZ across areas besides kindness/global populist PR. Like, well, delivering stuff you promise during an election. Eg economic m’ment, CGT, bus confidence, DHB debt, Kiwibuild, ETS/agriculture. You can’t have everything. hashtag#leadership hashtag#SimonBridges hashtag#rga hashtag#JacindaArdern hashtag#scomo hashtag#dobetter

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