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Accolades and insults

The insults and abuse being thrown at politicians (Lab/Lib/Nat) across social media is hideous. So many people bitching & nitpicking over verbal missteps or mistakes. Yes the messaging has been inconsistent - it's policy on the run & blunders are inevitable.

And yes we are hopelessly unprepared (PPE is a jarring example). We're in a real-life test run for future catastrophes & paying dearly for a lack of prudence. No question we must be better prepared in future. But it's so easy to sit back and criticise & whine about rubbish like cutting hair. How about cutting our leaders some slack. The national cabinet is doing what we say want politicians to do - work together & collaborate - and still we aren't happy.

The situation changes daily if not hourly, they'll be exhausted & doing their best with the most overwhelming crisis in our lifetime. Sections of the media are also a disgrace. Of course politicians need scrutiny & must be held to account. But in these terrible times surely media's job is to inform, clarify complex subjects & simplify clunky bureaucrat-speak. And when it updates or moves in a contradictory direction, tell us the facts. Don't poison the message with your political bias, whichever stripe. Man with orange hair is Bad; Woman with baby is Good. Boring, binary drivel

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